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Our program is designed to cultivate a love for horsemanship in riders of all ages and levels, emphasizing balance, precision, and clear communication with our equine partners. At Narrows Equestrian, we believe in the potential of every horse and rider. Join us in creating a supportive environment where dreams take flight, and together, we embark on a fulfilling journey toward equine harmony.

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Offering personalized training programs to meet your goals. 


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Let us help you connect your horse with the right buyer. 


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Specializing in helping riders find their perfect partner.

Jennifer Wagner-Worley

Owner / Trainer

Narrows Equestrian has a strong foundation in horsemanship, with a great focus on meticulous care of every horse. Jenn strives to produce not just great riders, but real horsemen. She tailors her training program to each client, helping put each person in the best position to reach their goals. Teaching is her true passion, and having studied Early Childhood Education at Pacific Lutheran University makes her uniquely qualified to instruct children. Jenn regularly attends clinics, seminars, and classes, believing that continued growth and education are essential to providing exceptional horse care and a premier training program.  

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In the gentle cadence of hooves, we find the rhythm of our hearts, and in the warmth of a horse’s spirit, we discover the true meaning of joy and companionship.

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